Stimulus Check Date

The stimulus checks were sent out over a set schedule the last couple years.  The date the stimulus check was sent out varied for the year it was sent out.

2010 Stimulus Check

There is currently no stimulus check in 2010. Therefore there is no set date that the stimulus check is set to go out on.

2009 Stimulus Check

The 2009 stimulus check was sent out between late April and late June to those on social security and retired military.   These checks were worth $250 dollars.

2008 Stimulus Check

The 2008 stimulus check was sent out to everyone in American 18 and over.  These checks were worth $600 if you paid at least $600 in federal taxes.  Less if you made over a max limit cap.

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Where is My Stimulus Check?

If you are wondering the same thing as many American’s are, you are thinking. “Where is My Stimulus Check?” If you are thinking that, you aren’t alone.  After the 2009 stimulus check that sent $250 checks to millions of retired Americans or the 2008 stimulus check that sent checks to every man woman and child in America.  It can be easy to think or wonder, where is the stimulus check in 2010?

The short answer, is that there is currently no 2010 stimulus check.  There have been talks, but no checks. no stimulus money will be sent out this year.

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Stimulus Check Payment Application 2009

If you have been wondering if there has been or was an application for the 2009 stimulus check, the simple answer is no.  There is no application you need to fill out or needed to fill out to receive your stimulus check.  For 2009 or any future year of stimulus checks.

The way stimulus checks work is that they are free money issued by the government to be spent stimulating the economy.  Hence the name. Stimulus check.   Because it is free money, you won’t need to ever file stimulus checks on your tax returns or pay taxes on the money received.

In recap, there is no such thing as a stimulus check payment application.

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Another Stimulus Check / My Stimulus Check

Is there going to be another stimulus check? Is there going to be a 2010 Stimulus Check? Where is my stimulus check?

Currently at this time there is no plans for another stimulus check in 2010.  President Obama and others have been trying to pass a bill through congress that would free up additional money to cover the Billions it would cost the Government to have a second stimulus check in 2010.

That is, excluding the tax cut that those working are still receiving along with the housing tax credit of $8,500.

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Industries booming from the 2009 stimulus package

There are 3 industries that are set to grow thanks to the 2009 stimulus package.  These industries received or are set to receive billions of dollars of stimulus funds from the stimulus package.

The industries are

  • Telecommunications – $7.2 billion is set to spent on increasing the broadband Internet throughout the United States.
  • Health Care – $20 billion set aside to help digitizing medical records and other advances.
  • Clean Energy – $43 billion was added to clean energy providing funds to help grow everything from solar panals, wind turbines, electric grids, batteries, etc.  This will help our country become less dependant on non-renewable forms of energy.

In each of these fields, the stimulus dollars are going to allow each of them to grow and provide jobs for the future.

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Do You Have To Claim Your Stimulus Check You Received In 2009?

The stimulus check that you received in 2009 is not tax detuctable and something you don’t need to file on your taxes in April 2010.  You will not need to file it on your taxes.

If you were working or on unemployment during 2009, then when you file taxes any part of the stimulus package that affected you will automatically be taken care of.  Any benifits from the stimulus check will be worked into the 1040 form.

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Congress Bill H.R. 3557 : A Bill To provide an emergency increase in the cost of living for social security benefits during 2010

HR 3557 is a bill currently in congress that was opened in September 2009.  This bill was started to raise the amount those on social security get each month.  This increase would be due to the current state of the economy.  Currently this bill has yet to be passed, if it does, it would go into effect for the rest of the 2010 year.

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Are we getting a stimulus check for 2010?

Currently there is talks of getting a 2010 stimulus check that would be similar to that of the 2009 stimulus check.

This 2010 Stimulus Check would be another $250 stimulus check sent out to those on social security, and military veterans that qualify.   For those that are working, there is still a $400 yearly tax credit that is applied to the entire year, so instead of the $20/paycheck you saw for the half of 2009 it was active, it will be a bit less because it is being covered over the entire year of 2010.

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Is there a Stimulus Check for 2009

Is there a Stimulus Check for 2009?  When did the Stimulus Check 2009 come out?  When will my 2009 stimulus check come?

Yes, there was a 2009 stimulus check for those that are seniors, retired, veterans.    It was a $250 stimulus check that was sent out during the summer of 2009.  If you qualified you automatically got it, as there was nothing you had to apply for.

If you think you should have got one but didn’t, contact either your social security dept., you military veterans dept, or the rail road retirees dept.

Stay tuned for the Stimulus Check 2010

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When does the 2010 stimulus check come out?

Stimulus check for 2010, when does it come out?

The 2010 stimulus check will probably come out the same time it did last year for the 2009 stimulus check in late spring / early summer.  This will more then likely be a $250 stimulus check sent those that are retired on social security or are veterans from the military.

Everyone else still has the same stimulus benefits that are being carried over from 2009.

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