Stimulus Plan

The stimulus plan that President Obama signed into law last year with the large stimulus package was a stimulus plan that was designed to stimulate the economy to keep businesses moving.  There was large amounts of money set aside as tax breaks for those employed, and additional funds for those retired or not working.

There were also plans to allocate funds for roads and other projects.  By supplying funds for roads it helps employee people to repave the roads, roads which were long over due for maintenance.

Even all of the bailouts of large companies such as AIG and others could be seen as part of the stimulus plan.  Keeping large companies from folding kept thousands of Americans employed.

For many of those, the stimulus plan was a success in many ways.  For others, they are still wondering why there weren’t getting more stimulus checks in the mail.

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7 Responses to Stimulus Plan

  1. april henes says:

    I was wondering if single mothers get a stimules check this year. thank you april henes

  2. amy LaCount says:

    I was wondering if there is going to be any stimules for working mothers that have kids living in the home? Thank you amy lacount

  3. sue says:

    I like to no why we are not getting a 2010 stimulate checks for the ones that get a ssi and ss and the vet,they said we are but now we are not President Obama we need this checks pleasesent it to us please it is hard out here we need help because we are losing everything we owe please help us and the ones that is unemploynment need help to they have a fahily to just like we do and like u to so please hep us sent us some money please.

  4. juanita nyari says:

    I feel that since those of us on social security didn’t get a cost-of-living increase we should get stimulus checks. The cost-of-living went up but we didn’t get the annual raise in January, this hurt alot of peole.

  5. diane says:

    well they sent out things saying if u a home owner they help u with fixing your home instead of getting the stimulus check well i got approved but when they came out said i needed to much stuff done and to much work they couldnt help me that was BS…he doesnt consider that diable people that really need the help cant get it. They act like they helping the disable people but they hurting them or killing them. The seniors have to make a choice whether they can eat or pay for the medicine we dont get enough on our disability checks as it is now to pay for our bills the water the rent some of us dont get housing help and or lot rents and we only get 17.00 in food stamps and u think the disable people can get more then 17.00 in food stamps they get alot more. Instead guys get out of prison they get 200.00 in food stamps and other people able to work sitting on there big butts getting from 200 to 400 maybe more then that and older ones or just disable sitting there wondering where there next meal or medicine is coming from.

  6. carmen Hudson says:

    IS there or has there been a check issued in 2010 ? Why has the ball been dropped given the way the economy is responding?

  7. crysta; says:

    will we get a stimulus check in 2010 i would like to know

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