Where is My Stimulus Check?

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If you are wondering the same thing as many American’s are, you are thinking. “Where is My Stimulus Check?” If you are thinking that, you aren’t alone.  After the 2009 stimulus check that sent $250 checks to millions of retired Americans or the 2008 stimulus check that sent checks to every man woman and child in America.  It can be easy to think or wonder, where is the stimulus check in 2010?

The short answer, is that there is currently no 2010 stimulus check.  There have been talks, but no checks. no stimulus money will be sent out this year.

The only part of the stimulus act still in effect is for those that are employed and those buying homes right now.  Other then that, there is currently no more bail out money for the rest of us.

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11 Responses to Where is My Stimulus Check?

  1. Elizabeth Rauber says:

    When will seniors and disabled receive the 2010 stimulus check as promised by President Obama? We desperately need it since we did not get an increase in social security (COLA) this year. Will it come by check or direct deposit? People in my apartment complex are anxious for this to come through!

  2. Elizabeth Rauber says:

    When will we receive our 2010 stimulus check? We desperately need it since we did not receive an increase in our social security (COLA) this year. Will it come direct deposit or by mail in check form?

  3. Will I receive my ssdi stimulus monies on May 16 2010 I have dementia and am unsure if this is the correct place to inquire.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I was wondering where is my stimulus check as if I need it to pay the rest of my bills. I really want to know if we are getting one this year since we did not get a raise on our checks this year.

  5. There is currently no stimulus check in 2010. Therefore there is no set date that the stimulus check is set to go out on.

  6. Wish you will tell me who, and how much the stimulus is. I hear it will come on our food debit card. I ‘am on ssi and i did not get the rise in my check. So will we get it or not.

  7. Carol Robertson says:

    In reading the information above. My comment is: I receive SSI, I received the stimulus check in 2009 but did not receive one in 2009. Do you know if I can still receive that 2009 stimulus check?

  8. Shirley R. Bohling says:

    I have only received one check for $250 and that was in 2007-08. Can’t rember, but I did not get one in 09′ or 10′ Why not.

  9. phh says:

    I believe that the adminstration and the President should just state that there will be no stimulus packet for 2010. Many could use it around about now to purchase items for children who are returning to school, the high powere bills due to the heat of the summer, medications, food just survival with the lack of jobs for many. All we want is the truth which would be a nice change not avoidance.

  10. terri j. byers says:

    i was counting on that stimulus check to buy christmas gifts so now what do we do?

  11. since its november 2010 and we havent received a stimulas check will ssi receive a increase in 2011

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