Stimulus Check Date

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The stimulus checks were sent out over a set schedule the last couple years.  The date the stimulus check was sent out varied for the year it was sent out.

2010 Stimulus Check

There is currently no stimulus check in 2010. Therefore there is no set date that the stimulus check is set to go out on.

2009 Stimulus Check

The 2009 stimulus check was sent out between late April and late June to those on social security and retired military.   These checks were worth $250 dollars.

2008 Stimulus Check

The 2008 stimulus check was sent out to everyone in American 18 and over.  These checks were worth $600 if you paid at least $600 in federal taxes.  Less if you made over a max limit cap.

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3 Responses to Stimulus Check Date

  1. debra cedar says:

    I was just wondering if the president is giving another stimulus check out this year for last years taxes and if so how much for single parent of 3 kids ok thank you.oh and when is the mail out date if he is.

  2. nikole rios says:

    what if i didnt recieve a check in 2008 do i still get one this year or not please let me now something thank you nikole rios

  3. Katie darby says:

    I am on ssdi,i need the $250 to pay back taxes.

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