What are your questions about the stimulus check?

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Do you have a question about your stimulus check? or about stimulus checks in general? or if we are going to get a 2010 stimulus check?

Leave your question below about your stimulus check question and one of our experts will begin posting answers to your questions.

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19 Responses to What are your questions about the stimulus check?

  1. milton Carthens says:

    i’m interesting in applying for a stimulus check for my mother , who’s is 76yrs old and is currently on a fix income. So any money can help, What steps i need to do to obtain these funds?

  2. sandra mason says:

    Why was there no stimulus for those on permanent total disability covered through workers comp. I have been on this from the time I was injured on the job 3-31-98. I don’t even get a cost of living increase each year .My income has not changed since I was hurt in 98. So being I am totally disabled why was there no thought to those that are being paid through employers insurance (workers comp) for a life time. My injury was from my working and trying to do every thing that one should with out any special assistance from any local state agency. Now I have been told I can no long work do to what this injury has left me to cope with from day to day. My whole life was turned up side down on me in the blink of an eye and I suffer daily from the after math and find I don’t even qualify for a stimulus payment because I am not getting paid through social security? I didn’t even have a choice as to where the disability payment would come from. They sure need to consider those in this situation. I am not the only one in Nevada being paid total permanent life time disability through workers comp and not the social security office. I had no problem with working and paying my tax’s the American way until I was injured and can no long do so and sure not by my own choice . I was never given any choice as to where the disability payments would come from.

  3. 2010 stimlus checks for veterans living in UNITED STATES..

  4. brigitt says:

    not so worried about a check as i am the fact that they r taking less out of my pay check every week… i had to take an additional 10 dollars out of my pay just to make sure that i am not paying federal taxes at the end of the year thats more than the 7.50 they r not taking…so either way i get it during the year and try to figure out how to pay it at the end or the goverment can just leave well enought alone ….its just another way of them acting like there giving us something….there not

  5. vivian rosario says:

    I’m not sure if i’m in the right place.As you know i’m am preparing or doing my own tax myself.And my only question is on the schedule M form on line 10 if you answered yes it ask for the total payment received.But it says do not enter more than $250 $500 if filing jointly. if i’m understanding it correctly does that mean that for single if i received $300 i should still put down $250? Your help is greatly appreciated..

  6. Gerry says:

    How can I find out why my wife did not get her 2008 stimulus check? She has been on SSI since 2006.

  7. sylvia vasquez says:

    I have a friend that has been unemployed for 5-6 years. It’s been very hard for her to find a job since she has a felony on her record. I have been helping her out by giving her houshold jobs around the house since I am disabled and can only do little work around the house. I recently was able to put her on my lease and now share an apartment in a senior community. the way I pay her is room and board and transportation provided on a monthly basis. During the time of the stimulus package she felt she didn’t qualify because of her felony. She also is not allowed to apply for food stamps.Is she disqualified from life resources to have some kind of living. Thank You A good Friend

  8. sylvia vasquez says:

    Is anyone with a felony qualified for a stimulus check?

  9. Carlos lopez says:

    I understand that under the Bush administration everyone would receive a stimulus check based on the last 2 digits of SSN. I never received one or a 2009 ck. Under Obama? How can I get it?

  10. KELVIN WRIGHT says:


  11. loRa says:

    I would like to know if there’s a number where I can call regarding this stimulus check. Do self employers qualify for this check also?

  12. jean m. martin says:

    I did not get 2009 stimulas check for $250.00. I got 2008 check. what can I do

  13. bumfuzzled says:

    My husband says he did not get a 2009 stimulus payment, he is on social security. Is there a way to check to be sure, before filing our taxes?

  14. cathy bolin says:

    was my grandaughter suppose to get a stimulus for 2009? she draws a ss.check off her daddy.

  15. joan beninghove says:

    are we getting a stimulus check for 2010

  16. marcie says:

    i was wondering if people on ssi will gewt the 250 this yr as well

  17. Lori Hibbets says:

    Will American’s on disability qualify for stimulus payment’s?

  18. jean dudasik says:

    will people on ssi get the 250.00 stimulus check by the end of the first quarter,?

  19. marie reese says:

    is ssi recipent eligable four stimuls this year

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