President Obama lowered expectations in 2010

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In 2009, President Obama set some mighty high goals for his first year in office.  To his credit, he hit most of them.  The big winners were the multi billion dollar stimulus package, making progress for financial reform, lowering unemployment rates and dealing with terrorist threats.

Since this is a blog about the Stimulus Check, I won’t go over the points from the other achievements President Obama has made.   The Stimulus Package that he signed into law shortly after coming into office created many opportunities and hope for businesses and individuals.

Not everyone can agree on how they see eye to eye on if what Obama did was the best, but it did work.  He got money into the hands of most of the people who needed it most.

Most of the plans from the stimulus package about helping those that are currently employed remain in effect through 2010.  For those currently not working and retired, there will more then likely be a 2010 stimulus check coming your way this spring/summer.

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4 Responses to President Obama lowered expectations in 2010

  1. jessica matthews says:

    hi, will i get a stimulus check this year? the only work i am doing is selling avon and i did file taxes. please write me and let me know. thank you

  2. I am totally disabled since 2001 both mentally and physically, and I would like to know if I will get a check. Also I am only 57 years.

  3. debra neal says:

    will people on ssdi and ssi be getting a stimulus check in 2010?

  4. BARbara says:

    WHY IF WE SRS. ARE NOT GETTING A RAISE DID OUR RETIREMENT HOME RAISE OUR RENT?? please check this out. magnolia towers 100 e. anderson st. orlando florida 32801 they raised us 20.00

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