Is there a Stimulus Check for 2009

Is there a Stimulus Check for 2009?  When did the Stimulus Check 2009 come out?  When will my 2009 stimulus check come?

Yes, there was a 2009 stimulus check for those that are seniors, retired, veterans.    It was a $250 stimulus check that was sent out during the summer of 2009.  If you qualified you automatically got it, as there was nothing you had to apply for.

If you think you should have got one but didn’t, contact either your social security dept., you military veterans dept, or the rail road retirees dept.

Stay tuned for the Stimulus Check 2010

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5 Responses to Is there a Stimulus Check for 2009

  1. michael baron mcdonagh says:

    I did not recieve a stimulus check for 2009..

  2. George Johnson says:

    If one doesn’t remember how can one determine whether they received a 2009 stimulus check

  3. Pat Estrada says:

    That’s great, but what about people on disability?

  4. K. Ranwez says:

    How can I find out if I received a stimulus check in 2009?

  5. OTIS A. SMITH says:

    My last SSN 4149-to which account was my stimulus posted and when?

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