Obama Seeks $250 Check For Retirees And Veterans

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Earlier this month President Obama in front of congress suggested that they put together a plan that would send a second stimulus check to retirees and veterans.  This check would be sent early next year in the form of a 2010 stimulus check.

This stimulus check would be sent out instead of a cost of living increase for retirees and veterans alike.   Also a factor in the decision is that inflation has been negative as current recession that we’re in has been driving down prices of all goods in every market.

The total cost of the new proposed 2010 stimulus checks for Retirees and Veterans would amount to nearly 13 Billion dollars and would be included as part of the 787 billion dollar stimulus package started earlier this year.

A check of this size wouldn’t add a sizable economic growth to those receiving these checks, but it would be a good token gesture that the government is on their side.  If people can see at least temporarily that they are helping, it can go along ways to ease the pains of the recession.

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9 Responses to Obama Seeks $250 Check For Retirees And Veterans

  1. Hector Cortes says:

    my name is hector cortes and i am inquiring about the 2010 stimulus checks can u please send me more info regarding this matter i am a 26 year old veteran and i never recieved any checks befor

  2. Mary Eason says:

    I think that people still need the Stimulus Check because food, gas, feral and other things still cost a lot of money.For the Health Care Bill a lot of people really need it but what I can see is some people is trying to stop good things from happening but it is not right that people have to pay for what the Republicans are doing and peoples do need job to take care of there families.I can’t get in all I want to say but you get the message.P.S And for you President Obama Just pray and ask God to guide you and he will see you through because I know he can help you with anything.

  3. mr mrs ronnie foland says:

    i think you are doing a real good job and trying to help the poor people what they need i think you a nice person and doing your best thank you

  4. hi, my is theresa and married and have 3 children but, sinces i am married will i get 250.00 and my husband gets 250.00 we are both disable. thank you, theresa bitter ps.i would like the forms online to fill out.

  5. James Eisenhood says:

    Why has the amount of our stimulus checks of $250.00 fro myself and my wife from 2009 been deducted in total from my income tax return that included a refund? Isn’t this just an advance or non-interest loan from the government then?

  6. lawrence turner says:

    i think we should get a450 dallar for single vet.

  7. Terry Whitt says:

    My parents both don’t work and have had their med insurance cut is there going to be another stimulus check in 2010 for them Thanks Terry

  8. Terry Whitt says:

    My parents both don’t work and have had their med insurance cut is there going to be another stimulus check in 2010 for them Thanks Terry both Social Security

  9. melvin hood says:

    still looking for a 2010 stimulus check for ssi disabled people

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