Is there going to be a second stimulus check?

In 2008 there was no second 2008 stimulus check.  So far that looks like the same thing is going to happen again in 2009.  There are currently no plans of talks for a second 2009 stimulus check.

A couple weeks ago, there were some rumors going around that a second stimulus check might be in the fold, but nothing came of it.

At this point, the next thing we can plan on is a possible 2010 stimulus check; which if happened would be similar in how the 2009 stimulus check worked.

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4 Responses to Is there going to be a second stimulus check?

  1. yumeri deloacruz says:

    is there going to be a stimulus check for peolple on ssi this year

  2. BobbyTant says:

    It is really hard to live under $1000 a month on disability and my wife unable to work and having a hard time getting SSI

  3. Denise Thomas says:

    Will the disability people get a stimulus in 2010 Please let me know times are hard and get harder everyday. The tax people need help too. We make the tax so give us a change to get a stimulus the poor make the rich so give the poor the money and the single parent that have to work to make a income to see you thought and the food stamp people to change there law. Because they going by your gross and not there take on pay that not right.

  4. linda person says:

    when well the stimulus check com out? i am on ssi /and my check is on all my bills

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