2010 Stimulus Check

Currently at this time there is no 2010 Stimulus Check.

President Obama has recently gone to Congress to get them to approve a bill that will allow those on Social Security and Veterans to receive a $250 check similar to that of the 2009 Stimulus Check.  At this time there is no official word on when or if these stimulus checks will go out.  However it is likely that these checks will go out late spring / early summer in 2010 if and when they do happen.

For the rest of America that are currently employed.  There more then likely won’t be a 2010 Stimulus Check because of the tax credit that has been set aside for everyone.  Remember how you are paying ~$20/week less in taxes over the year as a Stimulus Check?  That same amount will be deducted from January 1 to the end of the year, so it is possible that it will be more like $12-$15/week instead.

Stay tuned to this site for all your 2010 Stimulus Check updates.

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85 Responses to 2010 Stimulus Check

  1. Kathy Davidson says:

    I agree with Adam, we need to stop complaining. I’m a senior and live on a little less than 600.00 a month. I’ve made it all these years without a stimulus check. To me having it is just extra money to spend beyond the norm… Like a gift you might say. A christmas gift… It’s difficult to live check to check but it can be done. Good budgeting, banking and shopping is a must. AnyHow… That’s all… Thanks….

  2. jessie says:

    i was wondering if we r going to get a stimulus check this year?

  3. It’s amazing how they say the cost of living has’nt when up well pay one of my bills or try to keep all the medicine you need by missing a dose every now And then. But social security does’nt need the 250… Wake up Congress

  4. i wandering whyen will we get our stimulis check bye god i sure could use it i hope it passes im a senior im not complaing but i sure ciould use it pls help us poor ppl

  5. Rose Candy says:

    good job and keep up the good work no rush take care.

  6. christopher says:

    Stop whinning all of u!! do you’ll have nothing else better to do?!

  7. i understand the payment will be delivered the way you recieved it in 2009, if you got direct deposit watch your bank if by mail watch for check in the mail.

  8. susan says:

    I have worked all my life! In Silicon Valley.
    Now I can,t work, The goverment makes us beg like beggers. Fighting us For little scraps!
    We are NOT LAZY. $250.00 is alot to the little I get and earned.
    We all can use This.They live in Washington like there in a bubble! I was hopeing Obama Was our Savior from this but after I see the fancy Close they are wareing at the fancy party on TV.
    They join the Washington BIG SHOTS I hope I am wrong!

  9. susan says:

    My comment are from my heart I am not changeing a thing!

  10. susan says:

    Arnold ,The Governor took 73.00 away from my ssi check and senior tax credit money of 250.00 once a year! Sense we all pay taxes on our cars, mobiles and everything we buy, also.David Muro your not alone!

  11. louise says:

    I’m with adam…. if u haven’t had the money all this time it really isn’t gonna help for one month stop depending on money that is not even here….find a new source of income or budget accordingly….n yes stop complaining I dnt care how old u are u could be worst off than u really are…. just be thankful u have something

  12. brenda says:

    ive worked all my life and became disabled about 5 years ago and its been rough so without increases in monthly raises its hard living, hopefully our stimulas will arrive in the nick of time. not like we get to do anything other than pay back bills. thanks to whomever sends the checks.

  13. Carlene Williams says:

    There is not going to be a 2010 STIMULUS CHECK

  14. mel says:

    are we going to get a stimulus check this year

  15. april says:

    Please get it out i live on 602 a month my rent is 535 it will help out a lot because my light bill is 200 how do i make it i don’t know by the god help thats how so please get it out quick

  16. Blondean W says:

    when will the 2010 stimulus checks be sent out will all senior citizens receive one my mother is 94 and living with me she has cancer and we need a car to get around we wish the money would hurry up and come and what about the working people takin care of elder family members will they receive a stimulus check

  17. joyce says:


  18. sha nay nay says:

    where my check be at?
    dis iz nuts,..how dey spect me to live like dis?
    i’m sooooo pisssed at our gov.
    dey be helpin everyone cept our own dam peeps!

  19. Tim says:

    No stimulous check this year, I haven’t had a raise in 6 years. I’m afraid to ask my boss for they will say: “be lucky you have a job”.
    Stimulous was nice but from my research so far we’ll not be seeing it this year. So much for buying something besides food, bills, clothes, tires, fuel, taxes etc. etc.. Living paycheck to paycheck crap is getting old.

  20. ruby mendoza says:

    People that complain about the seniors should have to live on what we get monthly that stimulus means a lot to us. When you can’t work at all ss is not enough.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Congress gave themselves their raise and are they better than us? The stimulus is to supplement for NOT getting a raise in social security for 2 years. This needs to be pushed in our favor. If no raise, give us the stimulus then.

  22. Destinie says:

    it’s not that the $250 for one month will save them…it’s just nice to be able to have a bit more breathing room..if they use the check right they could be a little ahead on a couple of bills and then stay ahead if they stay on budget..I agree the bonus check is a nice and rare treat..just make sure you use it wisely

  23. melissa says:

    im disabylity and I have 3 kidsand only recive 150.00 for food stamp

  24. kim marie says:

    where are the checks i get only 674 and my rent is 550 a month no body can live on that much money then every body exspects you to live on that little shit why dont the president and who ever elese that has some to do with our money live on what we get bull shitttttttttttttttttt give me my money

  25. I think that these people WHO HAVE WORKED ALL THEIR LIVES should get the stimulus checks because they are living on fixed incomes and a few extra dollars would mean alot to them.

  26. melba tallon says:

    Will I get a stimulus check?

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  28. L H says:

    The goverment need’s to look into alot of files in the Baytown area. Women say they are separted from husband’s to get mediciad for here 4 kid’s.That is not rifgt i am a single mom also work but can’t get any help. But you take my taxes and give them out to drunk’s and people who do drug’s. Why don’t thety have to take a drug test.To take my taxes cause i have to take a drug test to work. All the lazy people need to get off there tales and work. Help the old people that need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. martha says:

    to everyone please… stop thinking about yourselves… everyone that wants the money they should get it..the ones that think it is a waste just send it back.i want that CHECK CORRECTION I NEED THAT CHECK!!!!

  30. Mom of 3 says:

    To Kim Marie,

    I read your complaint on this site and realy, you need to clean up your mouth….you can supplement your income by even babysitting or knitting winter snow hats and selling them etc….you can help yourself. You say why doesnt the “president and whoever else has to do with our money” give you your money??????/ this is not YOUR money……your money would be money you worked for and by the SS guidelines, it appears you are GIVEN FREE money for doing nothing…….nearly 700 a month FREE money for NOT holing a job….for the amount you described 674, is SSI…..go to work, stop complaining…..you are owed NOTHING

  31. Jo Ann Simms says:

    Are low income people on a fixed income going to recieve a refund?

  32. i think we all voted for the prisident need his heelp know becuse there all ways another election.what little money people get on disability is wrong , if your sick and need help it his turn to help us

  33. poor american says:

    All this hoopla about stimulus is looser’s game…govt by the people but not for the people…what a shame being beggar in such a rich country..a wake up call America for Americans…got it….


  35. angel391721 says:

    theres no reason why we should not get it and the the ones who say not to complain have something to fall back on or someone,and no bills like the average american

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