Veterans may get a second stimulus check in 2010

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An estimated 2 million veterans may be eligible to receive a 2nd $250 stimulus check in 2010.

President Obama thinks that a second stimulus check in 2010 would help both the economy and the veterans that received theses new checks. The plan would very similar to how stimulus checks were sent out in 2009 to those senior citizens, retired and disabled workers and the other groups that qualified.

This plan for a 2nd stimulus check would just need to get lawmakers approval and reasoning on why it would be beneficial for those that would receive it. This only applies to those veterans that are living in the United States, Puerto Rico or Guam.

This round of stimulus would cost the US Government about 13 billion dollars.

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9 Responses to Veterans may get a second stimulus check in 2010

  1. kim fregia says:

    Have checks for veterans for 2010 been approved and when will they go out

  2. kim fregia says:

    have checks for disabled veterans been approved? when will they go out

  3. admin says:

    @kim the 2010 stimulus check has not been approved yet. The checks need to pass through all the levels of government and would go out sometime early next year. Don’t count on them this year before Christmas.

  4. I did not recieve a $250.00 stimulus check. How do I get them to send me one. I recieved a letter saying they where going to send one but never did.

  5. Al Rogers says:

    I was laid off on January 6th 2009. My wife and I both are drawing social security, but neither of us have received the $250 stimulas check. Is there a specific reason that we have not received these checks?



  6. admin says:

    @Al you weren’t supposed to get a stimulus check for being unemployed. Your stimulus package benefits came through increased unemployment benefits that last much longer then they used to. As well as cheaper COBRA Health Insurance.

  7. Lorraine Gibson says:

    I am inquiring for my father, he is a retired veteran and he never received a check. He has been retired since 1984 and he is currently 85 years old living alone on a fixed income. He would like to know why he did not receive a check.

  8. toni says:

    if we are getting a second stimulus in 2010 when will they be sent out?

  9. brenda says:

    are we get a stimulus check this year

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