Are you asking: I didn’t get my 2009 stimulus check?

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Many people who thought they were getting a stimulus check didn’t get one. ┬áThe reasons ranged from

  • I never got a letter from the government saying I was getting a stimulus check.
  • My tax return that I filed in April said I was getting a stimulus check this year.
  • My husband / wife / neighbor / friend got a stimulus check but I didn’t get one.
  • To one of a many range of other opinions.

Did you get a 2009 stimulus check this year? What did you do with it?

Did you not get a 2009 stimulus check? How do you think they should do a 2010 stimulus check differently next year?

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4 Responses to Are you asking: I didn’t get my 2009 stimulus check?

  1. Robert C Krichton says:

    I receive Social Security .I did not receive my 2009 Stimulus Check.I called Social Security 3 Months ago. Still Waiting!

  2. Roy Mathai says:

    I did not get my stimulas check for 2009 nor 2008. Was the checks mailed to me and if so when

  3. Dennie & vivian Crawford says:

    I don’t know if we received our Stimulus check. I don’t see where it was direct deposited.
    Can you direct me to someone who can tell me if it was mailed and has it been cashed, or a phone number where I can speak to someone?
    I have tried the 1800-829-1040 number and get no where.

  4. Ruby Garcia says:

    I did not receive my 2009 check. I’ve called numerous times and was told it had been mailed out (twice). I still have not received my check. What more can I do without being told the same thing over and over again?

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