Stimulus Checks sent to 1,700 Inmates in a Massachusetts Prison

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The federal government recently made an error sending out $250 Stimulus Checks.

1,700 inmates in a Massachusetts Prison received a $250 stimulus check each totaling an error of $425,000 at the expense of the Social Security Administration.  Spokesman for the Social Security Administration had this to say about the inmates that received a stimulus check recently.

The stimulus checks were sent out to these individuals because official records did not accurately reflect that they were in prison.

This recent find is sparking an inquiry into a broader audit on how stimulus funds have been spent and issues over the last several months.  There have been complaints by the Republicans in Washington DC over how the $787 Billion dollar stimulus program has been managed this year.

House Minority leader Eric Cantor had this to say about the Stimulus Checks being sent to the inmates.

It is unacceptable for convicts to be getting stimulus funds. It speaks to the lack of oversight and accountability to have such nonsense coming out of Washington. Where is the accountability?

Even though it may be strange to hear, not all inmates are excluded from receiving the $250 stimulus check.  Only the inmates who were not in prison between Nov 2008 and Jan 2009 AND met the social security income, Department of Veterans or Rail Road retirement criteria.   This is a very small percentage of all inmates in prisons and detention centers across the United States.

A total of 3,900 inmates had received a stimulus check out of those, 2,200 were not in prison in the time frame mentioned above and were eligible for the stimulus check.  The other 2,200 that were sent to the Massachusetts prison were not eligible.  It is not known at this time how much of that $425,000 was recovered.

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3 Responses to Stimulus Checks sent to 1,700 Inmates in a Massachusetts Prison

  1. bridgette mercado says:

    hello i just have a question are the people on ssi going to receive the stimulas check to

  2. liz says:

    i just want to say we should have just got the extra money like we did last year you are not helping your hurting us more with out taxs being taking out how are we going to get money back at the end of the year that money helps us that money is what we depend on at the end of the year to help us with the bills we fell back on because of you rich butts in washington yall dont care about us you care about that big check in yalls pocket what about us little people we need help all yall have done is made us suffer i hope yall are happy cause were not!!!

  3. Paco Vega says:

    Stimulus Checks without SSI Cost of living increase is about the same, Though my utility bill has gone up by 1/3, cigarettes almost double after 3 years, $11 for two value meals.
    About people in prison, they have paid their debt to society, how long do you have to pay for a mistake in your mind, treat people like animals they are going to act like animals, strange is your unforgivable nature.

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