Veterans to receive $250 Stimulus Check

There are nearly 2 million veterans in the United States that will be getting a 2009 stimulus check from the US Government soon.  This past Monday the Department of Veterans Affairs started to mail out many of the $250 stimulus checks being sent out to all of the eligible veterans.

Like other stimulus checks sent out in 2008 and earlier this year in 2009, these stimulus checks are tax free that are to be used to stimulate the economy.  The Department of Veterans Affairs will be sending out $500 Million dollars worth of stimulus checks to the 1.9 million veterans that qualify to receive a 2009 stimulus check.

To qualify for a $250 stimulus check from the Department of Veterans Affairs, the beneficiaries must have received some sort of VA Compensation, VA Pension, DIC (Dependency and indemnity compensation) or spina bifida benefits some time between the beginning of November 2008 and the end of January 2009.

There is no application to file for the 2009 stimulus check as the records to determine who is eligible is based on their monthly VA payments.   Those receiving checks can expect to receive them in the same manner that they receive their monthly payments, either by mail or direct deposit.

However, there is one draw back to those receiving these $250 stimulus checks that are being sent out.  You can collect either the $250 stimulus check or the $400 tax credit for those that are employed.  If you are one of those that either is working and getting VA income or receiving social security and VA income, you will have to repay the $250 stimulus check that you received.

Those that already received a stimulus check because of receiving social security income should not in theory receive an additional one from the VA office.  Mistakes do happen sometimes.  Such as the dead women of 50 years who received a stimulus check earlier this year.

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6 Responses to Veterans to receive $250 Stimulus Check

  1. David Bjork says:

    What about those that lose their jobs or are not working but filed a tax return the previous year. What benefit do they get for the stimulus. So now in Americas time a light depression when jobs are harder to find we put more effort in helping the working man instead of building up the nation by helping its meek that have felt the depression first hand.

  2. Christopher Cornelius says:

    I have been waiting for my check since I was told I would receive one, so who cant I asked why I havent got mine, I receive va pension. thanks

  3. Robert Wayland says:

    I am an unemployed Army Veteran, drawing a partial disability check from the VA. I received a notice about 6 mo. ago saying that i would receive a stimulus check, but have not received one. I am just wondering if i will receive one.
    Thank you.
    Robert Wayland

  4. larry corbin says:

    I haven’t received my check yet, whats up

  5. larry corbin says:

    I haven’t received my check yet, whats up?????

  6. glenda isaac says:

    what if you are a vet and have never received a pension/disability from va, but qualify for va care?

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