Will the american taxpayers receive a stimulus check for 2009?

Will the American taxpayers receive a stimulus check for 2009?  How will the mortgage modification program outlined work if and when some lenders refuse to cooperate with the stimulus package?  Will there be any other sort of 2009 stimulus check given out this year? Will there be a 2010 stimulus check?

Only a small percentage of Americans will be eligible and benefit from the 2009 stimulus package for a stimulus check in 2009.  Americans that are on social security and other retirement incomes will receive the 2009 stimulus check.  All other Americans that are working will receive an increase on their paycheck in the form of of a tax credit totaling $400 for 2009, about $13 per paycheck.  Those on unemployment benefits have a few benefits as well from the stimulus package.

The mortgage modification program does not apply to everyone nor is everyone qualified for the program.  Those that do meet the requirements for buying their first house and in the certain time period that it is bought will get the benefits of the mortgage program.

This is the only stimulus check sent out in 2009  for those on retirement incomes.  If you didn’t get one yet and you weren’t eligible to receive the one sent out you will not be receiving one.

As of this time there is no information on if there is a 2010 stimulus check or how it would work.

That is all of the current information that President Obama has presented for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  For those on social security the stimulus checks will begin to be sent out from the middle of May 2009 through the end of June 2009.

If you have any questions about the 2009 stimulus check or any of the stimulus checks sent out in 2009 leave a comment below in the comment area to be answered by a stimulus check expert.

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27 Responses to Will the american taxpayers receive a stimulus check for 2009?

  1. mayra says:

    I’m single and with 2 children i would like to know if im getting stimulus check for this year and for how much and around what date. Thank you for your help….

  2. Brenda Beckstrom says:

    My parents live in Arkansas and have been retired and on SS for over a decade. They have not yet received a stimulus check. How can they report this and finally get their check?

  3. janet says:

    i don’t know why us the tax payers seem to be getting screwed and every on one social security & ssi are the one’s getting everything whst could i do with 13 extra dollars on my paycheck i would have rather got the 400 check

  4. kelly spellman says:

    because i claimed 5.(I have 3 kids and a wife), and i make very little money, I get the shaft. Ive beeen working hard for 18 years at my current job, and i still make very little money. They dont take alot of taxes out of my check, but I do pay alot of taxes everywhere else(phone power water cable and buying stuff). Every one gets help(banks unemployed social security vets peeps that pay alot), everyone,but me THANKS FOR NOTHING OBAMA.MY KIDS THANK YOU ALSO.

  5. Christine West says:

    My husband received his stimulus check but I have not. He is on Social Security while I am not and do not work. Do I qualify for a stimulus check as well?

  6. Dale and Sally DeGrave says:

    We had not received a stimulus check although we are retired, living on pensions, not yet receiving social security. Based on what I read, we are eligible. Please let us know. Thank you

  7. celestine fletcher says:

    i have a 21 year old daughter who has sickle cell and i had been appling for disability for her since she was born due to the doctors she had they left and took records of hers with them and still thedoctors she goes to now they still will not approve her i ama single parent and i hav no insurance she has bills pilling up i can not pay them and it is just messsing up credit and i just dont now what to do this was going on since 1988 help me

  8. admin says:

    @christine because you are not on social security and do not work, you will not get a stimulus check or any kind of stimulus check this year.

  9. michael hughes says:

    i am on a fers disability retirement and did not receive a stimulus check Why?

  10. Eugenia Sedgwick says:

    I’m retired and live in Poland… I get SS payments through my bank..
    So far, I have not recieved my stimulus money ($250)
    Do senior citizens living abroad
    qualify for the stimulus?

  11. MIKE HANEGAN says:


  12. Rosemary McCauley says:

    As of today I still have not received my stimulus check for $250.00. I am 73 years old on social security and believe I am entitled to the check. Could you please advise my as to who I should call to resolve this matter. Thank you.

  13. Betty BJ says:

    In 2008 the stimulus check did not include our newborn child born on 7/1/07 because the tax return was miscalculated Upon correcting this, am I still able to receive the additional 300. not included and if so how do I go about this?

  14. BARB says:

    I am on disability,since March 2009. Do I qualify for a check?

  15. Ethel Flynn says:

    I have not received my stimilus yet. I have gone to the social security dept. eleven times, to no avail. they say there is nothing they can do but put in a report. this has been going on since may 2009. They told me then I would get the money in twenty-one days, nothing.what do I need to do or who do I need to see or contact.

  16. Tax payer says:

    Well I think that’s kind of crappy that we get less taxes taken out of us. He bailed out this big corporations, that ended up going under. I think he should rethink his decision he needs to put the money back in the community. And take his thumb out of his butt, I’m sure glad I didn’t vote for him he has done nothing for us. And getting paid big bucks, he needs to get paid minimum wages and see how he likes it. pissed off in michigan.

  17. maggie says:

    i am on social security .will i get a stimulus check? if so when will they besent out? thank you


    hi Iam a tax paying citizen , we were promised 13 dollars a week coming into our paychecks of stimulas package, It is unfair that inmates in prison have gotten there checks [its a joke ] [let them reward people for being in prison].this stimulas was taking place in april , what has happened convects got theres , and working people didnt what happened,

  19. watika says:

    oh so theyonly take $5 deollars in taxesout and that suppose to help me how? $5 won’t buy diapers, dinner, or tolet paper.
    thank you obama

  20. David schiel says:

    Ihave been receiving social security since 8/08 still no stimulas check, also a military retoiree and no stimulas check, I know I don’t get both but how about one of the 2.??????????

  21. karen jewell says:

    I did not receive the extra stimulus in my paycheck for 2009, can I claim this in my taxes and get it in my refund and if so how do I claim it.

  22. Mary Lowe says:


  23. albert r scobee jr. says:

    did i receive a stimulas check in 2009

  24. vera watson says:

    since this statement has obama been
    to congress since to bail out the
    peoplei on social security?

  25. Carla Nickel says:

    Due to doing our taxes for the 2009 tax season We would like to know if we received a stimulus check last year. Where would I find that information? Thank-you

  26. sandy says:

    Did any of u guys file taxes? You have to file taxes to get the stimulus.

  27. I’m 68 yrs. old, do I have to pay back $250.00 stimulus check I received last May 09, in taxes for 09 in 2010? I work part time.
    Please advise, thank you

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