When will I recieve my stimulus check

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This years 2009 stimulus check are now starting to go out.  I’m not sure of the method they are using to send them out so it is different then last years stimulus check that was based on the last two digits of your Social Security Number or SSN.  The process the government is using is sending out letters to those that are eligible saying that they will be receiving a stimulus check, then a few weeks later they will receive a check or transfer into their account.

Why they didn’t just send the checks directly instead of a letter, I’m not sure.  It would have been much easier on everyone had they just done that.

For those of you that are working you should see your ~$20/week extra showing up in your weekly paychecks from the tax adjustment that Obama started.  Over the course of the entire year, you’ll get about what you got last year as a stimulus check.

This year’s stimulus check is going to before the same amount as last years, just given out differently.  Because it is the same spread out, people won’t be so inclined to go out and buy a new shiny toy or pay off a bill right away.  But instead just have that little bit extra each week to pay the bills and buy food.

I can see the pros and cons of each way of giving out stimulus money.

Which method do you prefer? Checks for a one time amount or $20/week?

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8 Responses to When will I recieve my stimulus check

  1. Scotty says:

    I prefer the one time check

  2. Ruby says:

    Will the people on disabilty recieve a stimulus check in 2010.

  3. M.Carter says:

    I am over 55 and retired for 1.5 year.

    Do I qualify for a Stimulus check?

  4. RUBEN LIND says:

    As stated on the question, “When will I recieve my stimulus check?” I am a veteran and not yet recieve no response. Please email me and let me know asap!

  5. sherry says:

    Will people on SSI be getting a check?

  6. lashuwn jones says:

    will the people that get ssi get a stimulus chech in dec 2009

  7. debbie cullum says:

    Will I receave a check if my boys are receaving SSI?Im a stay at home mother because i have two boys that are disabeled so will my amount be on my husband pay as well?

  8. juanita says:

    Getting confused. Is there another check coming out this year for people on SSI or any type of disability?

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