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Stimulus Check is a term that first used during the 2008 year when President Bush sent out $600 Stimulus Checks to every man and women in American in hopes of stimulating the ailing economy.  The 2008 stimulus check was sent out over the course of several months based on the recipients last 2 digits of their SSN.  The stimulus check became popular because it was free money that the government was handing out to everyone.  At this point the economy was showing signs of slowing down as the lay offs were continuing to mount.  People were looking forward to their stimulus check that was supposed to be used to spend in retail stores to stimulate the economy, but many people used this stimulus check money to pay their bills.

In early 2009 people were wondering when there 2009 stimulus check was going to come and if they were going to get one and when.  The stimulus check was once again being eyed as free money that was to be handed out to everyone to help cover their  bills and expenses, not so much as the original purpose of the stimulus check in 2008 when President Bush designed the original stimulus check to stimulate the economy.

During late 2008 into 2009 what started with President Bush and later President Obama began to bail out many of the large corporations right and left.  It was several billion here for this company then another similar amount for another.  In Feb 2009 President Obama signed the $800 billion American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 into effect that provided stimulus funds for companies for bailouts and stimulus checks for retried and other tax benefits for those working.  The large out cry from the American people about where is my stimulus check.  Had the government taken that bailout money and given a single stimulus check to everyone, it could have amounted to several grand each.  Instead President Obama sent out the 2009 stimulus check and other stimulus initiatives outlined by the 2009 stimulus act.

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38 Responses to Stimulus Check

  1. Beatrice Williams-Rude says:

    My husband received a $250 check on May 7, 2009. I did not. Why?
    His last name begins with R, mine with W. Are checks sent alphabetically?
    When will I get mine?

  2. Gilda Clodfelter Byrd says:

    I did not receive a stimulas check in 2008. I was retired with only a small check around 7oo. monthly.. and now I did not receive the 250.00 check either. I feel tossed aside and wonder how I fell between the cracks both times
    I have always worked and paid my taxes.While I know others who have never and I mean never worked but got disability… and has got both checks.
    I started my SS this year.. birthday Jan 30,
    You know this just really is not fair as I see it! It makes me mad,
    and not undersanding it .

  3. admin says:

    @Gilda if you started your social security on jan 30 2009 you don’t qualify for the stimulus check in 2009. you had to start your ss last year to qualify for this years 2009 stimulus check.

    last year you had to file taxes with the special 1040a tax form to ensure you got the 2008 stimulus check. if you didn’t file anything for your taxes last april, that is why you didn’t get one.

  4. admin says:

    @Beatrice you should have gotten your 2009 stimulus check by now. When did you start receiving your social security?

  5. I have not received my stimulus check yet. What do I need to do to get my money?

  6. joanna says:


  7. Mary Levy says:

    I have not received my stimulus check for 2009. I started on Social Security in September, 2008.
    Please advise. Thank you.

  8. Katrina l says:

    I have not received my stimulus check yet,and I have no job at the moment.

  9. Betsy OConnell says:

    I have not received a stimulus check for 2009.Who do I call or how do I go about finding out?
    Thank you.

  10. david says:

    I was receiving stimulus checks with each paycheck until I changed my status to divorced. Then the stimulus check stopped with my paycheck.

  11. Susan Johnson says:

    I am retired, pay my taxes, take care of my 100 year old Mother, and have not received my 2009 stimulus check. Help, please.

  12. Susan Johnson says:

    My mortgage payment from Taylor, Bean, went up 400. I asked for a stimulus consideration to lower it. A IRS guy called and told me my fica was not high enough. Dumb because I am not budgeted for this high of an increase.

  13. Jerhomey Knopp says:

    Wonder why I haven’t received my stimulus check for 2009, I do need it because I am an unemployee and I need it to support my living expenses. What took too long?

  14. Bernice says:

    will everbody get stimulus check .How does it work

  15. Nancy says:

    My husband and I have not received our stimulus check yet. Can you tell us when will we get it. Thanks You.

  16. mel ott says:

    I got my check in may my wife has not got her check yet she is 68 years old my mother in law didnot get her check she is 94 years old

  17. Gilma says:

    should i have been working to receive stimulus check I got let go of my job in dec.19,2008 did my taxes received my refund what is next or should i have gotten this stimulus check arleady

  18. Choon Foo Twan & Lin Ngoot Ein says:

    My wife Lin Ngoot Ein and Me, Choon Foo Twan have not received stimulus check yet. What should we do? Please advise. Thank you.

  19. Choon Foo Twan & Lin Ngoot Ein says:

    We did not receive Stimulus check yet. Please advise what should we do. Thank you.

  20. aaron morales says:

    yes when will i get my stimulus check for retirement i have not recieved it yet i have been retired for almost 3 years now and i need my stimulous check thank u

  21. Blanca E Ortiz says:

    When I filed my 2008 income taxes, it said that I was eligible for a $150 stimulus check, but until now, I haven’t received it. Where do I call? How do I find out about this?

  22. admin says:

    @Blanca did you get a letter from the government stating that you were going to get a 2009 stimulus check?

  23. dede says:

    my husband passed away in 2008, i started receiving ss ck our daughter was 16. in 2009 she turned 17 and we have not received anything besides monthly social security.
    Thank you, please advise…

  24. Diana says:

    My husband still has not received the stimulus on his pay check from work this year. Yet I know other people who did. Who do we contact about this?

  25. Alice W Maxwell says:

    I have just tried to deposit 2008 Stimulus check but it was returned for stale date – what do I have to do now?

  26. Cindy Dalton says:

    i would like to receive a 2009 stimulus check, i’m on ssi, how do i go about doing this, can anyone help me on this

  27. michelle says:

    I am currently unemployed but i worked last year and currently receiving unemployment checks so how do i know if i qualify to receive a stimulus check you really don’t receive enough money on unemployment for all your bills and it will help everybody out to receive a stimulus check instead of adding $20 dollars to there pay check cause that is money that you will never see with all these rises in taxes and gases its just like not getting no help the government gave money to people that already owned homes and cars but want to put a limit on helping those people that are really in need of that stimulus

  28. My husband went m.i.a. We received our stimulus check- but guess what.. i cant cash it without him. Is there anyway the irs can cut him a check in his amount and send our boys and i the portion alotted for us. We get 0 child support from him and could absolutely use the money. Please help, and thank you. I only want what we deserve. Keep his in case he inquires

  29. No stimulus yet. Why?

  30. Veronica Day says:

    How can I find out if my stimulus check for 2009 was sent out?

    I don’t remember receiving a $250 deposit into my checking account.

  31. Veronica Day says:

    How can I find out if a stimulus check for 2009 was sent to me?

  32. clarissa says:

    The reason why some people don’t get a check if they used a ITIN or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number instead of a Social Security Number thats’s why some people didn’t get one last year..

  33. nette says:

    evil people do evil things and God will repay. do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

  34. My husband and I did not receive any stimulus check for 2009. What do I have to do?

  35. regina welch says:

    I was wonder do we get a stimules for 2010 everybody saying we do I just wanted no

  36. Erica says:

    Hello my name is Erica and i would like to know is the people that get SSI and SS going to get a Stimulus Check for 2009 and 2010 because it’s was some people sayn it and doing paper work on but i just want to know is it true and they said the checks was going to be $2000 we as people just want to know so please get back with me THANKS,THE PEOPLE OF MISSISSIPPI

  37. John rouseau says:

    How do I check on my check?

  38. Karen says:

    What steps need to be taken to get the IRS to replace a stale dated 2008 stimulus check?

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