First Social Security check was in 2009

If you ware one of the many people who are on Social Security and wondering if you are getting a 2009 stimulus check it will depend on when you started receiving your social security.  The 2009 stimulus checks are for those who have started receiving their social security checks by the end of 2008 so that as of Jan 1, 2009 they were already in the system.  Even if you started up in Nov or Dec of 2008 you would be eligible for a 2009 stimulus check just like Vice President Joe Biden who started getting his Social Security checks in Nov 2008.

If your first social security check was sometime starting in 2009, even Jan or Feb 2009 you are not eligible for a 2009 stimulus check.  The way the rules were written for the 2009 stimulus package that was created and signed into law by President Obama stated that only those already on social security by the end of 2008 would get a 2009 stimulus check.

Depending on how Obama does a 2010 stimulus check you may get a check next year.  If Obama does it exactly like he did it this year, you would qualify because you started your social security by the end of 2009.

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13 Responses to First Social Security check was in 2009

  1. Andrea Mcdonald says:

    I can’t believe the middle man gets left out again, my father, (single witrh two children) really needed this money, he thought it was the same as last year, but no, he finds out today and has to come up with the $900 with in a month to pay his taxes … unbelievable

  2. Edith Stovall says:

    I would like to know will I get the stimulus check, I started getting my social security march 2009.

  3. admin says:

    @Edith If you started getting your social security in March 2009 you do not qualify for a 2009 stimulus check.

  4. Robert Bosley JR says:

    I received a letter stating I would receive a $250 stimulus check this year I started receiving SSDI for approx. 10 years. How ever I did not get the $250 stimulus check this year?

    Why did I not get one. My mother who is 77 years old also got the letter but no check?

  5. Eugenia Sedgwick says:

    Do senior citizens living abraod, qualify for the $250 stimulus ?

  6. sutbo says:

    I would like to know if I will get the stimulus check I am retired Navy and have not seen my stimuls check as of yet

  7. sutbo says:

    I would like to know if I will get the stimulus check I am retired Navy and have not seen my stimulus check as of yet

  8. Herbert Cecil Norville says:

    The stimulas checkis is a fraud, as of today 8/sept/2009 have not received mine, please help for need it, am single 85 year old trying to get along on SS

  9. Nancy Jo Henshaw Fuller says:

    I have been on Social Security since 2005. As of yet, I have not received my 2009 stimulus check. Where is it?

  10. Angela Patten says:

    win do the check come out and is befor the end of nov.?

  11. admin says:

    @Angela The 2009 stimulus checks came out during the summer of 2009. President Obama has talked about having a 2010 stimulus check for next year. these checks would work the same way as this year.

  12. admin says:

    @Eugenia I believe this is only for people that are living in the United States

  13. Tom Sharkey says:

    I have been on SSD for many years. Last year I recieved a stilumas check, but not this year. I thought people on SS were to recieve one in 2009. How do I go about getting this corrected?

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