AARP cautions against spending entire $250 2009 Stimulus Check

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This money many senior citizens are receiving their $250 2009 stimulus check in the mail or directly deposited into their checking account.

Joan Carter of the AARP in Alabama has said that older senior citizens are more likely to spend their new wealth in the form of a stimulus check then they are to save it.

Most of the senior citizens receiving their 2009 stimulus check are more likely to go out and spend it right away on groceries or medical expenses then they are to save it and increase their savings.

The Social Security department knows who should be receiving checks and have sent out notices on who should be getting 2009 stimulus checks.

If you think you should be getting a 2009 stimulus check and didn’t get a notice, a representative from social security said this “If you don’t receive a payment by June 4, then call us”.

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5 Responses to AARP cautions against spending entire $250 2009 Stimulus Check

  1. Betty and Ben LaFone says:

    We are 80 year old seniors with multiple medical and medicine bills. It is very difficult to survive these days on what we receive in SS even though we saved a little for retirement it is being spent on medical expenses and trying to help our children who have been out of work. How sad our country has come to this. My husband is a veteran and we have never seen it so bad. We pray the government can turn things around and help us.


    B. LaFone

  2. Too young for stimulus says:

    I will make sure that my 70 year old mamma (who does not reside in Alabammy)does not blow it.I will tell mamma that we need to go directly to the bank so she can deposit it and not to get her lifesaving medications. I am sure there are lots of free spending senior citizens out there just ready to blow away their $250 on medications and food. GOD Forbid!!! Let’s get back to reality and let these people have a life and do with it as they want. Alabama may be full of free spending seniors but it will only boost the economy. Afterthought…I bet the $6 thats it gains in interest will be nice once she is gone…NOT

  3. Mort Pate says:


    What is the truth???? about this????

    Is this really not a LOAN FROM HELL and not a Grant?

    Please advise.

    I’m determined to shred it immediately.

    Mort Pate

  4. admin says:

    @Mort If you receive a $250 stimulus check this is free money from the Government. Not a grant. Not anything you have to pay back.

  5. admin says:

    That might be a good idea to help her spend her Stimulus check wisely. Or else save it for a rainy day.

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