$250 Stimulus check sent to a women who over 40 years ago

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In a story that is almost comical, a man from Orchard Beach, MD says he just received a stimulus check for his mother.   His mother died in the year 1967, nearly 42 years ago.

A Social Security Administration official stated that they were rushing through as many as these stimulus checks to get them out as fast a possible and they weren’t double checking recordings on everyone that has been sent a check thus far.   In the case of Rose Hager, who died in 1967, she hadn’t received a Social Security check from the department since then but they had no record of her death so they presumed that she was still alive and well.  Thus, the Social Security Administration office sent her a 2009 stimulus check for $250.

There may be over 10,000 such cases where stimulus checks are being sent to someone that has passed away.

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3 Responses to $250 Stimulus check sent to a women who over 40 years ago

  1. Sean says:

    Just out of curiosity? Of the 10,000 dead people that received a 2009 stimulus check, how many of them voted for Obama?

  2. admin says:

    @Sean ha, that’s a good one. I don’t think any of them did, but you can never be to sure.

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