$250 Checks are in the process of going out

If you are one of 55 million that have received Social Security Income  in the months of Nov 2008, Dec 2008 or Jan 2009 you are eligible to receive a $250 check for your 2009 stimulus check in the mail.

The letters from the Social Security Department were sent out in April 2009 and continuing through May 2009  that their Stimulus Check for 2009 is on it’s way.  Stimulus checks are being mailed out after that period during the summer.

If you feel you should have or are eligible to receive a $250 2009 stimulus check and have not received one of these notice letters, wait until after June 5th and call this number to check the status of your stimulus check.  800-772-1213


If you have moved in the recent months you will want to contact your social security office to ensure you receive your 2009 stimulus check.

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28 Responses to $250 Checks are in the process of going out

  1. jane mcmath says:

    can you please give an extimated time when to look toward to recieving my stimulus check. Thank you.

  2. admin says:

    The 2009 stimulus checks will be going out in the next couple months. the letters stating that you are getting one will be going out through the end of May.

    Then the 2009 stimulus checks will start going out thereafter. So you should get your stimulus check by the end of June or July. If not sooner.


    If my refund check went into my bank account will the stimulas check go there too?

  4. admin says:

    Your 2009 Stimulus Check would go into whatever account your Social Security income would be direct deposited into.

    If you are employed and working, you aren’t getting a 2009 stimulus check, as the stimulus package for 2009 is just a tax break that is $400 / person ($800 married) spread out over the year for $25/week.

  5. i was in a car accident in Oct of 2008, im on workers com, will i receive a stimulus check?

  6. patrica miller says:

    if you owe ssi money will they take your stimulus check

  7. gerald crandall says:

    when will the second round of direct deposits go out. and is there a schedule for the mailings and deposits like they had for the 2008 checks????

  8. LaDona Brigman says:

    I receive Social Scerity payments for my son because his father passed away. Does this mean we are eligible for the stimulus payment?

  9. Is it possible that the county or state is able to keep our stimulus checks? For what ever reason they say they did?

  10. Bruce Burke says:

    I am on a disability pension from the V.A, I recieved a stimulus,check last year ,but got a paper before it, to send back .Will I get one this year,and if yes, when? ,my last four numbers on my social security are are 4918

  11. admin says:

    @Bruce I think you should be getting a stimulus check this year. You should have probably received a letter saying you are getting one. if you haven’t gotten a check by June 4th I’d start making calls to see if you should be getting a Stimulus Check.

  12. admin says:

    @Jerry If you owe back taxes AND you are getting one of the $250 stimulus checks, yes, it is possible they could keep that to repay any debt you have with the IRS.

  13. admin says:

    @LaDona yes, i think you are going to qualify for a stimulus check this year because you are getting Social Security Payments.

  14. admin says:

    @Gerald I’m not sure when the 2nd round of stimulus checks will be going out. Just sometime before the end of the month. Just keep checking your mailbox or bank statements to wait for the stimulus check to come.

  15. ty says:

    So if you are a working individual or even a student that also works that claimed a child for 2009 your are not eligible for the stimulus?

  16. ty says:

    I am very confused so the elderly whom are recieving benefits and monies are the only ones that are going to recieve a stimulus check? WOW!!! I THINK ITS GREAT BUT SUCKS FOR ME THAT EXTRA MONEY WOULD’VE BEEN GREAT TO GET GROCERIES OR PAY A BILL OFF

  17. rachel says:

    if im not working and neither is my husband are we eligable for a stimulus check we recieved one last yr

  18. admin says:

    @ty pretty much only the elderly are getting stimulus checks everyone else is getting the $400/year tax rebate which is $20/week instead of a lump sum stimulus check

  19. admin says:

    @ty nope, if you are working you will not be getting a stimulus check unless you are also on social security. Like VP Joe Biden.

  20. Calvin Cooper says:

    I have been receiving disability benefits since June 2008. I have not received the letter that state I will get a stimulus. Would appreciate an update

  21. Edith Stovall says:

    I want to know if I get A stimulus check even thought I started getting my payments in march 2009

  22. Nicole says:

    will everyone get a check? if not how will I know if I am getting one or not?

  23. I’m sorry,but I’m confused. the county of stanisluas has taken my stimulus check for a debt they say i owe of $257.00. The statement states that $233.00 has been paid and there is a balance $24.00, because they are charging for the collection of payment. But that is a total of $257.00, So there should be a balance of $7.00. What really gets me is that the county is not even IRS.

  24. admin says:

    @Jerry that is very possible that they took it. As with any tax return you may get, if you owe back taxes, back child support or anyone of another things they can take any money owed back to you. That is why you didn’t get your 2009 stimulus check.

  25. Karen J Kuhta says:

    My 90 year old Mom did not receive her 2009 stimulus check. She did receive one in 2008. She has called 800 772 1213 several times and the responses (after interminable waits) have been “no record of you” to “you are in the system”. She has never received a letter – she has sent a letter only to be told to call the number. This is particularly vexing since she falls into what SS calls “the bump years” and she monthly receives more than $200 LESS than people 5 years younger than herself. Immigrants get more than she does and she has paid into SS since it began. A real disgrace on the part of our government.

  26. roderick moore says:

    i received a stimulus check in 2008,but i haven’t received one for 2009 yet.

  27. MJ says:

    I didn’t receive $250 check,my spouse did.
    Called SS said records show you didn’t receive a check but we don’t know why.
    Supervisor can’t find reason and they don’t know how I can get one. I was told it could take a year before SS can find out why.
    Is there any other way I can find out about the check

  28. admin says:

    @MJ you might just have to wait for Social Security to find out why you didn’t receive a check.

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