2009 stimulus package causing higher roofing costs

The 2009 stimulus package that was passed by President Obama earlier this year provided a large budget to replace many of the roads in the United States.  This has lots of positive effects such as the obvious of replacing the roads and also being able to employ people to do these road updates.

The downside to these road updates is that they use a lot of asphalt and asphalt is a primary ingredient in making roofing shingles.  Rising petroleum costs contributed to some of the cost increase and asphalt is a derived from the crude oil by product of petroleum.

The price of asphalt has risen 57% from March 2008 to March 2009 and went up 3.8% from Feb to March this year alone.

Those people who are planning on replacing their roofs this summer may be paying quite a bit more then they were planning on had they done it last year as a result of this years 2009 Stimulus Package.

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