2009 Stimulus Check

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In the recent stimulus package passed by President Obama earlier this year, otherwise known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, Obama provided many forms of stimulus and stimulus checks to provide the economy.  The only mentions of a 2009 stimulus check for the American public were in two places in the recently passed Stimulus bill.

The first is a 2009 stimulus check for those on social security incomes, military pensions and railroad pensions.  This is a $250 2009 stimulus check that is a one time payment similar to the 2008 stimulus check that President Bush issued last year.  To qualify for the 2009 stimulus check you had to have already been on social security by the end of 2008 to receive your 2009 stimulus check in May 2009.  If you started your social security income January 1, 2009 or later you do not qualify for this years stimulus check.  However if there is a 2010 stimulus check similar to how the 2009 stimulus check worked you would qualify next year for that stimulus check.

The second part of the 2009 stimulus check is a tax rebate that amounts to $400 if you are single or $800 if you are married over the course of 2009.  Starting in April 2009 the government is lowering the taxes withheld from your paychecks to the amount of about about $20/week so that over the course of the year it would amount to $400 (or $800).  This is the only 2009 stimulus check that is available to those that are working.  The 2009 stimulus check is essentially a $400 check paid over the course of the year.

This 2009 stimulus check that is being paid out weekly via a tax rebate will be in effect for 2010 as well.  The amount of the money making up the 2010 stimulus check on a weekly basis is less then this years $20/week because it is spread out over the course of the entire year instead of 8 months.

There is not a singular 2009 stimulus check for those on employment, it is split up into several incentives.  President Obama provided the following ways to help those on unemployment through the 2009 stimulus package.

Longer unemployment benefits – The stimulus bill adds an additional 20 weeks of unemployment benefits for those on unemployment. If you live in one of the 30 states are considered a high unemployment rate state, you will qualify for an additional 13 weeks of unemployment benefits on top of the 20 already provided.

Tax exemption – Normally those on unemployment have to pay taxes on all benefits they receive during the course of the year, either weekly or at the end of the year at tax season.  The 2009 stimulus package states that the first $2,400 of unemployment benefits are tax free and will be exempt from all federal income taxes.  This would make for a $2,400 2009 stimulus check that is freed money paid to those on unemployment.

Increased weekly unemployment payments – The 2009 stimulus package is increasing temporally the weekly unemployment payouts by $25/week.

COBRA Insurance – The US Government as part of the 2009 stimulus package is subsiding 65% of the COBRA payments for those that were laid off from work between Sept 1,2008 and Dec. 31, 2009.  There is also an additional 60 day period that people can sign up for COBRA after they have been laid off.

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82 Responses to 2009 Stimulus Check

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  2. I have not received my stimulus check yet. I am supposed to report this to you so that I may still receive it

  3. shannon coleman says:

    well i’m real glad the regular tax payers that are unemployed and cannot receive unemployment but filed taxes in 2009 are getting the help from this stimulus check-maybe i should file for ssi–thanks a bunch Obama

  4. Lucytia says:

    I have been working since I was sixteen. I was planning on going to school. I wanted an education, so I can make more money. Lately though, almost everything I have heard and read, is about benefiting people on SSI, and people who are already in school. It seems an education now, would not be worth it. Either working a crappy job, or getting fat, from sitting around, are the way to go. I now of people on SSI, who are able to work, but they don’t, because they know they can sit around, and collect money. I would like to know what the plan is for people who want a better life. For all those people who are wanting a better education, but have not yet started school. I feel something should change soon, or America will be made up of fat people, sitting around, collecting SSI. SSI should be meant for people who are actually handicap. Not all those people who can’t handle life, so they take meds, and avoid the public at all cost. Stop taking away from the elderly people, and actually handicap people.

  5. admin says:

    @Lucytia there will always be people wanting a free lunch and taking any hand outs that they can get. it isn’t right, but it happens.

    If you want to be more, then be more and make the most out of yourself and contribute in a large and great way. Going to school is a way to do that, but you don’t have to.

    The difference between you and someone sitting around collecting a check so they don’t have to do anything is that you have goals and dreams and are living life, while they aren’t.

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  7. danny says:

    i am singel father for 2 kids i was hoping like millions of american low income family to get goverment check to help us to keep going i cant efort to pay my rent this month i lost my house in fourcloser please president obama send check for low income family please as soon as you can

  8. glenna says:

    Can someone tell me?? Because I am FEDERAL retired, I don’t get a Stimlus check, is that right?

  9. ellis h. reese, jr. says:

    I have not received my stimulus check. please advise.

  10. Jo Robinson says:

    Is there a 2009 stimulus payment for those who are self employed?

  11. Christina Segama says:

    I have not yet received my $250.00
    stimulus check that I am suppose to
    get. I collect a social security
    check every month and I live in a low income apartment. My name is. Could you look into this for me. When can I expect
    it. Thank You

  12. Jack Boudwin says:

    I have not received my stimulus check for 2009. Please advise who I need to contact to check into this matter.

  13. admin says:

    There is no stimulus check for those that are self employed. There is only the $400 tax credit which I think does does apply to those that are self employed.

  14. unknown says:


  15. trice says:

    I really thought that Obama was going to help out the low income families. First of all, I thought that when we got the stimulus checks last year it was to put back into the economy but also as we wanted. Do we ever get a say as to how we want to spend our money. I have two children that I support on my own. Are we getting the checks and when.

  16. Sheena Montgomery says:

    havent recieved my stimulus check when would i be recieving this?

  17. Jeremy says:

    hi Jeremy here i do not think that i have started the tax rebate get here can u check in to it ..the year is almost over

  18. roseanne says:

    I am glad that the first $2400 in federal taxes are free, but if a person is unemployed, and is colleting unemployment under the stimlus, until you can find a job, how are you supposed to pay the money back, after the $2400 then pay back the state taxes, without a job. I think that with the economy the way it is, I believe that the unemployeed should not pay taxes on unemployment at all.

  19. Bonnie says:

    I lost my job at a large newspaper last august. Since that time, I have been on unemployment and just recently my benefits ended. I have had numerous interviews but no luck finding employment. What now! I am 52 years old and right before the bottom fell out of the economy, my husband and I purchased a home. Now we have no add’l. income and no add’l. help. There are 100 applicants to a job. What is going to happen when everyone on unemployment, during the worse time, loses their benefits completely? It is even more difficult for an older person to find a job these days. Oh well, just needed to vent!

  20. Donna B. says:

    I have not received my stimulus check for 2008 or 2009. Please advise who I need to contact in order to receive the monies.


  22. Helen Driver says:

    I have not recieved my stimulus check for 2009. I worked in the school system this year as a sub-teacher and did not see a difference in my pay check (I think). Please advise to who I need to contact to check into this matter.

  23. denise says:

    i am 55 a widow worked 45 yrs where is my check and my huband fought for this country, i amm losing everything and i am working 3 jobs come on help the people who help the country this ia america,,, not mexico

  24. jennifer says:


  25. lenora says:

    where i am employed at we are not getting any kind of stimulus. we get paid every two weeks. but we are supposed to be getting it but our boss is not giving to us. what can we do? help

  26. kim says:

    I wish obama would do like Bush and send out checks, that was a great help i sed mine to pay off few bills

  27. Pam says:

    Still have not received Stimulus Check ???????

  28. Pam says:

    Still have not received ? Where is it ?

  29. Harold L. Booth says:

    I have not recieved my stimulus check.could you please tell me why ? Thank you.

  30. Phyllis DiPaola says:

    What about those of us who fall through the cracks. I am a travel agent. Until April of last year I received a regular paycheck. At that time the owner of our company decided to take us off of pay and put us on commission. I have bee working for this company for 20 years. So far this year I have made a little over $3,000.00. Out of that comes my medical insurance and SS, state & fed taxes.

    Oddly enough, my mortgage and credit card companies won’t wait until the travel industry picks up.

    I don’t qualify for unemployment, and at 59 years old with medical problems, I am having difficulty finding another job. It goes without saying that there are no paying jobs for travel agents available.

    Although I have lost my salary, I am not counted in the unemployment records as unemployed.

  31. lenia figueroa says:

    i have not recieve my stimulus check at all

  32. Kelli says:

    It’s 9/8/09 and there is no sign of my $250 stimulus check! Social Security has given me 10 different answers to my 10 different phone calls.

  33. I was wondering. My Grandfather is on Social Security and we wanted to know how to apply for the $250 stimulus check that he is entitled to. Would really appreciate it if you could help me with this matter as soon as you have a chance. Thank You.

  34. angela dail says:

    my family has not got our stimulus check for 2009 who do i contact for this?

  35. Nancy Jo. Henshaw Fuller says:

    As yet I have not received my 2009 stimulus check. Where is it? Do I need to further contact an agency? If so, how?

  36. Beverly Newson/ Michael Smith says:

    My husband and I filed together but have not recieved it. I am still confused about the amount that we will recieve, so please respond back to let us know.

    Thank you:

  37. How can I find out if I qualify for a stimulus check?

  38. VK says:

    I’m paying out the same amount of taxes this year as I did last year. I don’t see any kind of stimulus help from this new president. All I see is my money going to people that don’t want to work for their living.

  39. Barbara Sharp says:

    I havent received my check either..

  40. Marie R. says:

    I yet have not receive the stimulus check, and not even the one for school uniforms. Single mothers, with a job,and 3 children, one income, isn’t cutting at all for. When will child support do their job. I love 2 go back to college and finish, but if I do that, how will I keep a roof over my children heaad. LOW INCOMES HOUSING, such be for the single mothers, who are working, trying to better the life for the children, but were the ones struggling. All theses new houses are given to the mothers that aren’t or never work, and they get everything. CHANGES, need to made, and need to be made for the up coming year 2010. I would love to have a 3 bdrm, but can’t afford it, but that’s what I should be in because of the sex of my children.

  41. P. Frizzell says:

    I have not yet received my 2009 stimulus check. Please advise who I need to contact about this matter.

  42. lisa says:

    I don’t have my stimulus check for 2009. Please advise. Who do I contact?

  43. Lewis Allred says:

    Me or my wife haven’t recieved our stimulus checks yet.

  44. Diana Cox says:

    Would like to know why you only get $250.00, that don’t even get you out of the whold that most people are in. Why can’t any of us get about $5000.00 or more to HELP

  45. annonomous of new mexico says:

    I want to know if im on welfare and dont work dont recieve social security yet if I can get a stimulous check. I NEED INFORMATION on when and how much,

  46. I havent got anything this years for my tax years

  47. Tiffany Timmerman says:

    I’m a single mother of three children, trying to get off of government assistance. But because I lost my job, and I’m not eligible for unemployment in the state I live in, I’m being sanctioned for my monthly assistance check. How does this help anything? Obama’s stimulus package may work for those that have employment or are eligible for unemployment benifits, but as for the rest of us, well I guess we are just SOL!!!.

  48. Linda A. Freaney says:

    I received a letter earlier in the year that I would be have a $250 stimulas check. It has not arrived. How would I check on this? All my friends have received their checks.

  49. kelly says:

    I understand that the unemployed and those on ss get a stimulus or some sort of payment, what about the working people who need help??

  50. admin says:

    @Linda Did you check your bank account? your stimulus check might have been automatically deposited into your account already. which group were you apart of that you got your 2009 stimulus check letter for?

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