What are your thoughts on the Bailout packages?

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What are your thoughts on the bailout packages that the government has been issuing out to the large corporations. AIG has received millions of dollars. GMC and Chrysler have also received millions of dollars. GMC went on record saying that if they lost 10 million in the next quarter that would be a bad sign, they lost that in Jan 2009 alone.

Companies that have a flawed business model or swimming against the stream to other competitors are failing. These companies are losing millions of dollars a month and/or quarter.

How are they rewarded?

With a bailout/handout from the government they are able to stay afloat.

That leaves the rest of the American public asking, where is our bailout. What do we get to help make it through the recession.

That is where the stimulus package comes into play. Once Obama settles into office that is one of his top priority.

What would like to see from the 2009 stimulus check?

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