‘Stimulus’ bill will empty taxpayers’ wallets

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The 2009 Stimulus Package that Obama is ready to unleash to save the American markets and economy isn’t being received brightly by everyone.  There are those that see this as a package that will empty the taxpayers wallets, instead of putting money back into them.

Pete Sepp of DetNews.com is one of these people as he wrote in his recent blog column talking on this excat subject.

Pete has this to say about the upcoming 2009 Stimulus Check Page

At more than $900 billion, 650 pages and counting, the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009 is a hugely expensive gamble that the Congress and the president are willing to take in a desperate effort to jump start our economy. Unfortunately our lawmakers, now giddy with a wide-open, taxpayer-funded check book, have shoved more pork into this “recovery act” than a truckload of Smithfield hams.

The single largest spending bill in congressional history, this $900 billion “stimulus” is a massive expansion of government that will ultimately shortchange its financiers — American taxpayers. Shifting resources from the private sector to the public sector is a time-proven failure that threatens to widen our deficit and stall economic recovery.

To read the rest of Pete Sepp’s article follow this link.

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