Health insurance subsidy through COBRA

COBRA Health insurance is one of the many things being changed in the 2009 Stimulus reform act.

For those who lost their jobs between Sept 2008 and Dec 31, 2009, the goverment is going to do one of two things.

If you elected to take COBRA Health insurance they will pick up 65% of your monthly fee to be apart of COBRA.

If you elected to not use COBRA at the time you lost your job, your former employer will have to give you the option to join the COBRA plan with the current subsidized rate.

This along with the additional health insurance benefits of the stimulus package are both two great signs for the unemployed and those becoming unemployed every day.

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  1. Melissa Anderson says:

    I was layed off April of 2009, is it too late to sign up for Cobra insurance?

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