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Health insurance subsidy through COBRA

COBRA Health insurance is one of the many things being changed in the 2009 Stimulus reform act. For those who lost their jobs between Sept 2008 and Dec 31, 2009, the goverment is going to do one of two things. … Continue reading

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2009 Stimulus Package will help the unemployed

There are provisions in the 2009 Stimulus Bill going through congress right now that will help all of those on Unemployment in 2009.   First, it will add about $25/week to anyone claiming unemployment.  Secondly, anyone that has unemployment benefits that … Continue reading

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Stimulus Checks Scam Schemes continue

The scams surrounding 2009 Stimulus Checks are in full swing.  People are so desperate to find out how they get this stimulus check they are willing to do just about anything. Which makes them prey to devluging information they otherwise … Continue reading

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The 2009 Stimulus Package could help colleges

Colleges and college students across America could see releif from this stimulus package that is working it’s way through the Senate right now.  The Stimulus Bill could help allievate the cuts colleges would otherwise have to otherwise make.  There are … Continue reading

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