Stimulus Check 2009

Obama has outlined the parameters of how the 2009 Stimulus Checks will be handed out this year.

Instead of going to your mailbox to look for your checks of $300 to $1200+ like you did last year. this year will be different.  It is a credit that is based on what you make.

This credit is going to be equals to 6.2% of what you make in a year or $500 or $1000 married, which ever value is less.

The values are correct for the middle class as they are able to get up to the $500 to $1000 minimum.  For those that make less then $75,000 single or $150,000 joint you may not see much of a stimulus package.

This is very different from how 2008 workd where it was free money that was handed out by the Bush administration.

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62 Responses to Stimulus Check 2009

  1. Rebecca McCoy says:

    why is it always the people that make the most money are the ones getting the help? my husband has been out of work for 5 months with no leads on a job. he has a diploma and college certificates and still can not find work. It seems unfair that the rich get richer and the poor die because no one wants to help us.the rich people such as wall street are the reason our country is in trouble now due to spending.

  2. Nellie says:

    I feel that stimulus checks should have been sent out so that money can turn around and help the economy. Right now people who have lost their jobs are having problems paying their bills and that would have helped the economy if they would have sent out the checks. Obama are you really thinking of the people or are you just worried on looking good by bailing out all these companies that never cared about us until now that they are “stuck with their tails inbetween their legs”.

  3. LINDA says:

    what about people on social security will they get an increase on their checks and when

  4. What happened to the $250.00 for retirees, ssi and veterans? I was looking forward to being able to pay my gas bill for one month with the money. It is hard enough trying to stay on top of things as it is. I am 72 and unable to find employment even with all the skills I have and now the little extra is not even coming thru. I think the CEO’s and such should have to survive for at leat 6 months on what retirees etc. have to get by on.
    They do not know what hard times are. I have maxed out my credit cards just to be able to buy food and medicine. How sad that the real Americans are paying the price for the illegals to live here. I started working when I was 15, graduated high school, raised my son as a single parent and I have to struggle harder now than I did then. What is wrong with that picture? I have one son, four grandchildren (ages 25 yrs-31 yrs) and 4 great-grandchildren (ages 1 yr to 13 yrs) What sort of future are they going to have?

    This country is never going to come together until we stop fighting one another. If our politicians cannot work together to make our government run smooth then what chance do we have. It should not matter what party is in office, the Congress and Senate should pull together to make it work for the better of all the people.
    Thank You.

  5. gloria says:

    What If my job has not stated my deductions for my stimulus. What if I do not see any changes? What do I do?

  6. Taydum Grace says:

    I feel that it unfair that we don’t get a stimulus check because when I did my taxes I was onformed by the preparer that I would receive a stimulus check.

  7. admin says:

    It should be an automatic deduction that your employer will do to get this years weekly stimulus tax refund on your paychecks.

  8. admin says:

    There is no check this year for the stimulus. It is is a tax break on money that you are currently making for those that are employed.

    agreed, it is a sad sight in Washington with everyone fighting over everything and no one being able to agree on anything being done over there, on this Stimulus stuff or anything.

  9. admin says:

    It does seem backwards, that the ones that need the help the most are left waiting for the trickle down effect after it goes through everyone else above them.

    The stimulus act should be creating new jobs, 3 million of them, so that should help the two of you find a job. it may not be in your chosen fields, but it is a job.

  10. admin says:

    I just read an article today about this.

    The $250 stimulus checks are still going out, but you won’t have it until late may or early june.

  11. pat sizemore says:

    Is there any help for the middle class people who are having a hard time paying their mortgage payments
    and making ends meet. due to job loss and making late payments it affects their credit and they can not get refinanced. plus lenders calling and harassing them because their payment is 3 days late. Why don,t the president make it a point for all lenders to help or refinance mortgages for low income people to make their payments lower
    so they don’t lose their homes.

  12. TsayPovi says:

    Will people who are ssi be able to get the stimulus check this time around…If so how much and when Isure hope that we ssi (disable people on social security) people get it this time as we can use it to help pay a bill or even to pay for medication please let us know about this….I agree with Linda and Dorothy Marie Danahey we too need help there is a lot of people who will do what it takes to get this stimulus check they will even lie to the government to get the help Obama needs to think of us as well.

  13. joyce says:

    I feel that we the people that needed the stimulus check should still get them.Not being funny but I live in Gary Indiana and there was not no jobs to begin with and the ones around here are mostly own by arabs that are only hiring there own and yes we have the casino that are not hiring because they are to busy laying off and firing people because they aren’t making no money because people dont have money to lose on them.I really think that this was a bad year for the us the people not to get the checks because it more harder on us then ever before.You all is giving the money to the state to help build jobs but how you going to build jobs somewhere where there was never no jobs?

  14. joyce says:

    I feel that we the people that needed the stimulus check should still get them.Not being funny but I live in Gary Indiana and there was not no jobs to begin with and the ones around here are mostly own by arabs that are only hiring there own and yes we have the casino that are not hiring because they are to busy laying off and firing people because they aren’t making no money because people dont have money to lose on them.I really think that this was a bad year for the us the people not to get the checks because it more harder on us then ever before.You all is giving the money to the state to help build jobs but how are you going to build jobs somewhere where there was never no jobs to begin with.Mr. Obama we trusted you with furture and We believe in you but you need to help us the people not the ones that looked at us as the little people when there bussiness were doing great. thank you we love you please help us…..

  15. Soldier says:

    I think the new stimulus bill is going to fail horribly. The way the economy is right now and people not having jobs, I think less people will be able to see any return back for them working last year. Im a Soldier and its hard for me so I know it has to be hard for the people who are losing thier jobs everyday because the businesses cant afford to keep them. Its a big mess I think.

  16. Daralah says:


  17. kim says:

    the stimulus would of help alot of people if it was coming out.We need a stimulus payment!!!

  18. Crystal says:

    I totally disagree with the 2009 stimulus rebated. I work full-time and still cannot manage to keep up with my bills along with providing for my kids as a single mother. The rebate check had always help me out at the end of all the stressing of how i should pay or with what. My job gives me the summer off with pay of how much they cut my check during the Aug-May paychecks. So how would that actually work at my end of paying my taxes yearly to the government. Does this mean i would have to find another job during my summer break instead of spending quality time with my kids and enriching their happiness with mom actually having time for them. Tell me how this would actually benefit my year in 2009???? I really thought Bush cheated the people but now I’m starting to think the opposite!!

  19. frankie says:

    It was not free money last year. It was borrowed from China and who do you think has to pay it back??

  20. Donna says:

    You know all these big hot shot companies get themselves in deep doodoo and all us poor slobs need to mop up the messes they make. The little people of this country should get first dibs on the bailout. Then if there is any money left maybe we could help the companies. Or maybe we should just let them crash down hard. The way I see it if Bush wasn’t such a money hungrey oil tycoon in the first place alot of this crap wouldn’t be happening right now. I say if your broke as poop like me, then forward your bills to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC. It’s a bailout right? Well I want to be bailed out. What do think my fellow Americans?

  21. renee says:

    that is so sad we all need the money now a check would be so much better so there no check

  22. admin says:

    There is the extra $13 or so dollars a week that adds up to $600 over the course of the year. it is something, but better then nothing for this stimulus refund.

  23. admin says:

    It was “free” last year. The government payed it out to everyone to stimulate the economy.

    Not sure why you think we borrowed it from China

  24. admin says:

    The Stimulus check is free money that you won’t be paying at the end of the year. Since it is just a tax rebate on the taxes you were paying already. It won’t make that much of a difference on your summer income you were going to be getting.

  25. Donna Vrabel says:

    Let’s stop beating around the bush,The bottom line is, we as the little people, need the BAILOUT!! Not the idot’s that got us into this mess. Dear Mr. Obama, we need some money and we don’t need billions, just a few hundred. HELP US PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Chris says:

    I been on unemployment for almost 8 months already started receving the extra $25 will i see the $250 stimulus check. cause i didn’t get one the last time around.

  27. Adan Reyes says:

    Currently I am unemployed and would like to know if my family of 4 will qualify for a stimulus money and how much!

  28. Isaac says:

    how does this thing work? i mean does everyone get it or just a select few? i cant even think of anything else besides cursing this whole thing.

  29. admin says:

    How this works is basically the only people getting checks are those on social security, military pensions and rail road pensions and those on unemployment. everyone else is getting a rebate on their taxes off their weekly paychecks to the tune of about $25/week.

    it is very different from how bush did it last year in 2008, with a $600 / $1200 stimulus check.

  30. admin says:

    I think you should get a $250 check if you’ve been unemployed since the beginning of year. If you haven’t received anything by June 4th, you can call the tax ppl to find out if you qualify for a 2009 stimulus check.

  31. essie says:

    I just want everyone to know that I
    was surprise to get a letter from the U S department of education that
    I would not be receiving my stimulus
    check Because I Owed a 16 year old loan. I was shot in the head three
    times 20years or so ago I am on disability because of my injuries I
    have had my doctor to fill out the forms that was sent to me. I thought
    this matter had been resolved,also
    they sent me a another form to fill
    out. So if you owe any outstanding
    debt you want be getting a check
    question is How can the government
    give you a check and take it back?

  32. TIJUANA says:

    i dont think its not fair for us not to get a 2009 check we work hard for tha money we do make they dont want to give a raise they want us to work over time i dont even get 30hours a week. The system is messed up and OBAMA IS NOT GOIN TO FIX IT FOR THA WHO REALLY NEED IT IT HURTS

  33. striker22 says:

    everyone wanted obama in office and took all his laid on b.s and won the election and now almost 6 million people are on unemployment and the white house want to bail out banks and ceo,s of major companies like people say the rich get richer and the middle class just lays down and dies for there 300,000 income,s i been out of work for 8month and struggling just to take a crap . YA KNOW MR OBAMA PLEASE ITS TIME TO OPEN UR EYES AND TAKE A GOOD LOOK WHERE WE HAVE FALLEN SO FAR. YA BEEN IN OFFICE ROUGHLY 100 AND SOME ODD DAYS AND YOUR LOOKING LIKE THE LAST IDIOT THAT WAS IN OFFICE , WHAT IM TRYING TO SAY SHOW US THE MONEY THANK U .

  34. Irene Eichel says:

    I was expecting a check for $250.00. Will I or will I not be getting this?

  35. Shelton says:

    I don’t understand why PAs and homecare worker will not recieve a stimulus payment this year. lots of people has been over looked, and it’s not fair. everyone is always screaming higher and meddle class, well what about the lower class and that include people liveing on the streets, shelters, men homes, group homes, women with TANF, families with an income of less than $1000.00 or $750.00 monthly. As far as I can see this Unite State is always in some other county business. when they should be trying to fix this state of our. most of our elders are even left behind on lots of thing. It is really sad, sad, sad!!!. What can people are we? We can’t take care of our own. GOD BLESS AMERICAN

  36. Ben LaFone says:

    Will the seniors receive a stimulus check this year as well as an increase in SS? We sure do need it. AS you get older you have more medical problems which increases medicines. We are grateful for everything but feel we are being left out after working so hard all our lives.


  37. ARRIS says:


  38. admin says:

    @Ben You should get a stimulus check but I don’t know if the Social Security payments are being increased or not.

  39. Breanna says:

    i havent been able to find a job since december, and because of the last job i had, i was unable to claim unemployment. so since i am not on unemployment and i dont have a job (but i am really trying) i dont get any money to help me out? but everyone else does? doesnt make any sense to me. all i get out of this is you’re just making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

  40. carolyn says:

    Igot letter saying i would get one late may here it is june 7 so where is it?I’t on ssi

  41. Thatsjustwrong says:

    WTF this whole time I was counting on that money because I needed it to catch up on my bills!! Obama just screwed us!! I should of never voted for him he’s a lier and hasent taken care of us the poor at all like he said he would!!

  42. admin says:

    @Carolyn do you get paid for your SSI via electronic debit, if so just keep checking your bank statements and give the SSI ppl a call to see where your stimulus check is.

  43. John says:

    This doesn’t work. This kind of fix as the Obama administration calls it is as fruitless as trying to refill the oceans with a hose from the White House. Yes certain people need help, but its the parasites that can work, can be productive, but choose to sit on their backsides and collect from the honest working people, and yes even if you only have a part time job, some of your money goes to people who don’t care, who feel they are entitled to just take, take,take. We all need to take some personal responsibility for our own situations. Having babies to collect more welfare money is not the solution. When I go to the grocery store I see people using the Food Stamp Cards, dressed better than me, wearing jewelry I can’t afford, And I work, 2 jobs! I don’t want the hand out, I just want to know that the tax money taken from me for welfare or whatever social program is going to the actual people in need. The elderly and sick, real single mothers whom cannot take care of their children and themselves. It’s just like if the airplane is going down, If you take the time to try to put oxygen masks on the ones around you before you get yours on, you may only be able to help one. Take care of yourselves and then you can help others in much better ways.

  44. John says:

    Oh and about the Big CEO’s making all the Money? If you don’t like them making that money, DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THE COMPANIES THEY OWN!
    Free market will take care of it. and as you can see there are probably millions who believe some CEO of whatever shouldn’t get that kind of cash. If all the people who complain about it DIDN’T buy their goods or services. Then maybe they wouldn’t be able to afford to make that kind of money. Kind of simple isn’t it? But it does involve people, and that means YOU, thinking and making the RIGHT decisions on their spending! Once again Taking Some Responsibility For Yourself!

  45. Jim says:

    I thought that our President was elected to help the little guy. How ironic that billions have gone to big business while the little guys get nothing. If the Republicans did this, the democracts would say “look all they ever care about is big business and don’t care about the little guys. The fact is that we are all in this together, businesses and the little guy. We need each other to work together. The good news is this is america. If you want to start your own business, their is nothing to stop you. But if you work for “the big guy” do your best to help him succeed because your job and that of your coworkers depend on it. Let’s stop calling each other names and start doing unto to the others as you would have them do unto you.

  46. Annette says:

    it not fair that we the low income is not getting a check but the rich people are getting the checks ur people should get it together and do the right thing so much talk that ur going to help the poor but ur not we the low income poor people need help and your just puching us aside like we r a pieace of meat washington get it together do the right thing

  47. pam says:

    I can’t even tell the difference in my paychecks! As a single mom who struggles to pay bills, I’d much rather have had a check in the mail. I know drug addicts on Welfare and Soc Security who will benefit — good for them, cause I certainly won’t benefit for my hard work!

  48. Concern says:

    Please don’t forget about the (small social workers-General Assistant who retirement benefits are not much)State Retirees who also have paid their dues to the public and do not receive much a month from the State and their medical choices are not that great after they retire; in order to have good medical benefits they choose and deserve they would have to come out of pocket (about $260 more a month)to get and their cost of prescriptions have gone up, but no real increase of income but $25 dollars a year. Also, they may have to support a grandchild who wants to go to college but have no money to help send them.

  49. Anne says:

    So glad he didn’t get my vote as I didn’t know much about him at election time and he kept talking about hope and change, then threw out a lot of really pretty words and just as I thought all talk no action and he does not care about our country because if he did. The stimulus would have gone to the people, jobs would have been created. just got back to work at a job I don’t care much about. 20 years of experience and I took a huge step down. I can barely keep food on the table and my budget is shot. I say we start a brand new country right here on our soil and call it the Obama free America.

  50. i’d like to know if the disabled will get any stimulus money. i am on disability and make less than $700 a month. if so, about how much will we get? i read where we will not get a social security cost of living increase but everything goes up elsewhere. the extra money sure would help. i got $250 in 2008 from president bush. thank you for your response.

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