Stimulus Check 2009

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Obama has outlined the parameters of how the 2009 Stimulus Checks will be handed out this year.

Instead of going to your mailbox to look for your checks of $300 to $1200+ like you did last year. this year will be different.  It is a credit that is based on what you make.

This credit is going to be equals to 6.2% of what you make in a year or $500 or $1000 married, which ever value is less.

The values are correct for the middle class as they are able to get up to the $500 to $1000 minimum.  For those that make less then $75,000 single or $150,000 joint you may not see much of a stimulus package.

This is very different from how 2008 workd where it was free money that was handed out by the Bush administration.

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62 Responses to Stimulus Check 2009

  1. Steven Ellis says:

    here is the thing i dont get ….so the goverement bailed out the banks,car makers,set aside lots of money to send you to school,is gonna give you help IF you are getting unemployment and help you if your working.What about all us people who dont have a job no unemployment lost our homes and dont qualify for any help.Eventually i will run out of assets to sell just to eat.Why dont the goverement try to help everyone.

  2. Wanda-ering says:

    Well here it is November 23, 2009 and I still have not seen any difference in my check. Am I being cheated, please tell me.

  3. Wanda Benson says:

    how can someone get a stimulus check if they are low-income and can’t really make ends meet when the hope for the check would help out a great deal my job has lowered my hours and that stimulus check would have come in handy why do it one year and not the next year?

  4. Amanda Valentine says:

    I thought that the ENTIRE purpose of the package was so that we could pump some money into the economy?! Now, i can completely see how taking more money out of our paychecks would do that in a way, however it is not helpful very much!! most of us are working paycheck to paycheck and won’t even notice the lowered tax amounts coming out of our checks.

  5. Christy says:

    What do I need to do if I have not
    received my check?

  6. lynn says:

    isn’t there a way that oboma can help a check for the homeless if they have a or a friends mailing address.the can’t even afford to pay for a michigan id to find a job?i know some that just has hard luck,and want to work.

  7. Francine Zimmerly says:

    We never recieved a check for 2009.
    who do we contact???

  8. Mary and Glen Ackley says:

    Do we pay Tax on the stimulus check we recrived in 2009?

  9. what do you do if we never recived our ck. for 2009

  10. milagros candelaria says:

    Ive never recived a check for 2009

  11. Teresa Malone says:

    We need any type of assistance thats avaliable. Its the last two weeks of the month (close) and we have 50 cents to our name. We need some food products and medicine we just cant get. If you can help we would be very pleased. Respectfully, Teresa Malone

  12. Dan Pham says:

    Me ! Either, So how can get the form to fill out.

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