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Stimulus Check 2009

Obama has outlined the parameters of how the 2009 Stimulus Checks will be handed out this year.

Instead of going to your mailbox to look for your checks of $300 to $1200+ like you did last year. this year will be different. It is a credit that is based on what you make. Continue reading

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$800 Billion dollar Stimulus plan passes

The $800 Billion dollar Obama stimulus page passed through congress today providing more funds for just about everything that Obama wanted to supply money towards.

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Beware internet scammers with bogus Stimulus offers

Internet scammers on the internet wasted almost no time at all trying to scam people after the Obama administration announced the new stimulus payments packages. Continue reading

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Ron Paul – Stimulus for who?

Listen as Ron Paul speaks out about what he feels are the problems and loopholes for the Stimulus and bailout packages. Continue reading

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